I was born in the West Country, the daughter of an artist, and have been surrounded by art and creativity all my life.

Originally trained as a Graphic Designer, I have tried my hand at a number of other creative outlets: painting, drawing, sculpture, stained glass, and when I was younger I was always knitting or sewing something to wear.

It was after attending a beginner's Silver smithing weekend that I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

Since moving to Cornwall in 2009, the skills learnt have been further developed by experimentation and practice in my studio at home. I am now very lucky to be able to make a career out of something I love.



Influences and inspiration

Cornwall is a beautiful place, full of inspiration, and I'm influenced by the textures, materials, and places that I'm surrounded by.

I enjoy collecting pebbles on the beach, exploring rock pools and walking over Bodmin Moor. My photographs are frequently of lichen growing on stone walls, gnarled and windblown trees, and rusty metal.

I'm also drawn to the shapes and colours of historical artefacts. One of my favourite places is the British Museum, where I can spend hours wandering around admiring ornaments and decorative items from old civilisations, particularly ancient Egypt.

I love the organic feel of natural materials, so I like to texture and patinate the silver in my jewellery to produce beautiful individual pieces that echo the rugged Cornish landscape and ancient Egyptian treasures that inspire me.

I texture the silver with vintage hammers that I have found in second-hand shops and antique fairs, and I leave it only lightly polished to maintain and organic, handmade quality.

The semi-precious stones I choose for their natural, earthy colours and beautiful matte finish.